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Lesson 21: Making Money on the Road while Traveling the World Together with Emiel Maddens and Darlin Lopez

Anyone who has been on the road for awhile can tell you: it’s not easy to find someone with the same lifestyle willing to travel the world with you, but Emiel and Darlin met each other in the unlikeliest of places and soon experienced some of the most intense travel situations that we’ve ever heard on this podcast. The fact that they’re still in love with travel and smiling about it all says a lot about the allure of being on the road and how it can form the closest of connections. Emiel and Darlin also share how they make money online, which allows them to continue to travel the world. Join us for this very entertaining and insightful episode.

Covered in this episode:

  • How Emiel and Darlin met while traveling on the road
  • Emiel and Darlin’s amazing first of travel together (look out for unexpected twists and turns!)
  • The English teaching school to avoid in mainland China (find out which Beijing suburb it’s located in)
  • How Emiel and Darlin make money while traveling on the road

Meet Emiel and Darlin

Visit Darlin Lopez’s marketing website here

Emiel and Darlin’s Quick Packing List

Fanny packs!

Bicarbonate soda

Polarized sunglasses

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