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Is the Future of Coworking in the Land of Suburbia?

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Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on communities and people’s ability to work, there are many changes coming to the workplace. This includes those moving away from urban areas and into suburban areas. So the coworking community is trying to conform to the needs of their members.

Coworking spaces are ensuring cleaning and safety protocols are of highest priority. In addition to this, the future is calling for more coworking spaces to come to the suburbs. Many spaces are located in more urban areas, but with COVID-19 bringing more people out of urban environments – they’re losing access to the urban amenities.

By making coworking spaces available in the suburbs, suburban members don’t have to miss out. And can instead focus on choosing the coworking space that best suits them.

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This may sound strange and nearly impossible, but it’s actually a growing lifestyle for many families around the US. There are many benefits that come from this lifestyle – the main one being the flexibility to travel the country with family whenever you want. Here’s an inside look on nomadic families that make this look fun and easy.

Coworkaholic Travel Safety

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