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They Found Love…In a Coworking Space Thanks to Deskpass

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a super cute story about a couple who met in a coworking space! This isn’t the first time, mind you. Who could forget James and Lily (still together BTW) who shared their story on The Coworkaholic Diaries. Today is a new couple…one that met in a coworking space thanks in part to Deskpass!

Meet Victor and Chikki

I first met Victor through Deskpass, not much different than how he met his fiancee, Chikki. Though certainly with different outcomes – lol. I won’t give the whole story away – check out the Deskpass blog for a super cute Q&A with these lovebirds. I will, however share my favorite snippet:

How did you two meet?

VICTOR: One day, I think it was in May or June of 2016, I checked out a space and it was kind of crowded so I found a back room and there was Chikki, sitting and working on her laptop. We ended up being the only people in that little area.

CHIKKI: We had a small talk, he showed me a magic trick. He’s a bit of a magician.

VICTOR: I used to be really into magic. I usually keep a deck of cards in my briefcase and I did some magic tricks. We ended up hitting it off. 

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You Won’t Meet Anyone Working from Home

While online dating might be a super popular way to meet people, around 15% of people in relationships say they met through work. So for those of you who work remotely or for yourselves and aren’t connecting through apps or mutual friends – how are you gonna meet someone if you’re always working from home?

Try Deskpass – Even If You Don’t Find Love – I Think You’ll Still Love It

The genesis of Deskpass came from the founders’ experience opening the first coworking space in downtown Chicago, The Coop. After selling The Coop and building space management software, they invented Deskpass.

We wanted a simple and awesome way to share the power of coworking, introduce great spaces and help lovely people meet as many other lovely people as possible.

Sam Rosen, Co-Founder

I personally love Deskpass because I can easily access such a wide variety of spaces (over 500 of them!) in 19 cities throughout the US. Not to mention, I’ve met some pretty cool people either at spaces I’ve booked on the app or through their great community events. (Disclosure: We’ve worked together before.)

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