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Help Freelancers and Independent Workers in Need

From the outside, many only see the freedom or glamour associated with being your own boss. An experience best compared to a rollercoaster, keeping on top of things during ups and...

In Memoriam: Matija Raos 1984-2018

RIP Matija Raos, 1984-2018 On Sunday, August 26th, 2018, Matija Raos, passed away peacefully after a hard fought battle with cancer. Beyond being a founding member of the European Freelance Movement and the leader of Coworking Croatia, he was also a ...
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Sarah Sadie – Odonata Creative

Meet Sarah Sadie of Odonata Creative. A member of Matrix Coworking in Madison, WI. What are you currently working on? My work as a creativity coach is all about connecting--whether that is in 1:1 coaching sessions, classes, workshops, or casual con...