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Yes, You Can Safely Go To a Coworking Space. Just Please Be Smart About It.

Like it or not, it appears a lot of us will be social distancing this fall and winter. Especially when it comes to work. A ton of companies have shut down their offices through the summer of 2021. Others have even told their employees they can work remotely forever. There’s even Stripe, who has offered to pay employees $20,000 to move anywhere. (Unfortunately it also comes with a smaller paycheck.)

Sometimes you just need a “Work From Home” Day not at Home

Hear me out. Sure, you might want to stay home and work to avoid catching COVID-19. The idea of a big, open indoor space isn’t at the top of my list of places I want to go, either. But, a lot of locations, brands and apps are offering private offices on demand. You don’t have to rent an office for a whole month anymore. What if you just need a day? Imagine what you could accomplish if one day a week you stacked all your disruption free or full internet bandwidth tasks to one day? No worries about the kids walking in on a call or WiFi dropping because all four roommates are home streaming.

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Not everyone is blessed with full time education pods. Nor does everyone have the freedom of living alone or sacrificing one parent’s income to keep the family functioning. Working from home can be a wonderful thing. But just like with anything in life, moderation is key. Most homes weren’t designed for space to help you be your most productive at work. And that’s ok.

Check Out What Coworking Spaces are Doing for Safety

There are some coworking booking apps, such as Deskpass that have established a clean standard for spaces to follow. Other independent spaces have begun to offer bracelets that are either green, yellow or red. Each indicating the level of distance/interaction the member wearing them currently has.

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There are some that are even taking over sidewalks and parking spots for outdoor workspace! I have yet to hear of a space that has NOT embraced their local laws or recommendations. Even the spaces I’m working out of here in Florida have blocked out seating to ensure proper spacing.

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When You SHOULDN’T Go to a Coworking Space

Basically, you shouldn’t be going to a coworking space anytime you shouldn’t be going anywhere. That’s if you have recently developed symptoms. Or if you have recently been in contact with someone who tested positive (or even was simply in contact themselves with someone who tested positive). You shouldn’t go if you have issues wearing a mask while walking around (and not sitting at your socially distant spot). Pretty much, moral of the story is: Be Smart!

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