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Ironfire Coworking Has Outdoor “Offices” Perfect for Social Distancing

So this month is hustle month and coworking spaces have always been our preferred way to execute the hustle.

Therefore, we’re determined to find you the best and safest coworking spots to keep the hustle going in the midst of COVID-19.

Many coworking networks like digital nomad’s paradise – Selina, as well as one of our favorites when it comes to coworking memberships – Deskpass, have found ways to ensure proper safety protocols are in place for their members.

Ironfire Coworking

Another one of our favorite coworking spaces, in California, found a creative way to get their members back to work safely

Ironfire Coworking, in Long Beach, CA, has outdoor offices in their parklet area.

Ironfire’s Outdoor Office Spaces

The coworking space has turned two street parking spaces in front of the building into outdoor offices. 

Outdoor office space at Ironfire Coworking

“They come complete with WiFi and power access. Shaded with nearby trees and canopies, other amenities include coffee, snacks and printing indoors. Which also features a physically distanced and partitioned indoor seating area that is available for use, standing desks included.” 

Brian Addison, Long Beach Business Journal

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