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Selina Welcomes Back Digital Nomads with New Safety Procedures

For Coworkaholics, it’s been difficult doing the whole only work-from-home thing. We’re craving a chance to get back to working in a coworking space again. But we’ll only do it, if safety is guaranteed. We can hold off from non-socially distant interactions. But we can’t wait to get back into our favorite spaces to spark up some productivity. Luckily, a digital nomad favorite, Selina, is back and ready to welcome us back safely again. 

Since Deskpass released their new safety program, we are discovering more coworking companies and locations making their own safety adjustments as well. Selinas around the country, another coworking favorite, are open with new safety measures

We’ve done reviews on Selina spaces in Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, and Oaxaca before. And we hope to explore many more locations soon. There are four locations in the U.S. If you’re like us, and ready to get back to the lifestyle we so love as digital nomads, check out one of the U.S. Selina locations. This may be the way to vacation and work this year. There are locations in New York City, Miami, and New Orleans. All of them have the following safety measures now in place:

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Enhanced Safety & Sanitation Protocols

  • Sanitizing all communal spaces, working areas, and swimming pools
  • Particular attention to ‘high-touch’ points like buttons, handrails, door handles, locks, faucets, counter surfaces, etc.
  • Opt-in or out of housekeeping services (housekeepers will always wear full protective clothing)
  • Limited occupancy
  • Cleaning products are ECOLAB certified

Contactless Check-in Process

  • Keys come in a designated envelope
  • Temperature checks on arrival
  • Limiting need for signing forms
  • Limiting use of cash
  • Can WhatsApp staff when in need of assistance, rather than standing in line

Community Room Safety

  • Community rooms require social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer is kept in all rooms; if in community room, hand sanitizer is required when entering and exiting
  • Shared bathroom equipment is sanitized at least 5 times a day

Communal Areas

  • Elevators are cleaned and disinfected hourly
  • Swimming pool operates at 50% capacity
  • Hot desks and workstations at coworking spaces are 6 ft. apart
  • Cleaning materials in each coworking space
  • Once a month, each property will undergo total disinfection

Food & Drink

  • Restaurants operate at 50% capacity
  • Tables are 6 ft. apart
  • You can now use your phone to place orders; no more physical menus
  • May have access to cashless payment methods depending on location
  • All cooking staff wears masks and gloves

Staff Safety Requirements

Selina new safety procedures


It’s easy to navigate the Selina site to find a private room within an hour’s notice. The Selina app works best for booking activities, but will score you a room for a few dollars less than third party booking sites. And right now, Selina is encouraging guests to stay longer in order to get a larger percentage off your stay. With Selina’s new safety procedures in place, this is a fun and safe way to get back into coworking.

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