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Coworking Space Review: The Onion Collective

The Onion Collective has lead the creation of a new market for coworking in Ubud, Bali. It’s a homestay, a retreat, a restaurant, a coworking space and a tribe of remote workers all in one place.

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The Onion Collective – Ubud, Bali

This is the first coworking space that I have visited that has a swimming pool (and maybe the only one to have a water slide?). Better yet, members aren’t required to pay an all-inclusive fee, and there are discounts for combining experiences. The Onion Collective is a place to work, relax and enjoy oneself. Just a few hundred meters away, scooters are revving up and down the streets of Ubud, but you wouldn’t realize it here. The entire complex is an oasis of tranquility in busy Ubud, and its hidden in plain sight.

A Unique Atmosphere

When I stumbled upon The Onion Collective, the first thing I came across was the restaurant and the pool. It opens at nine o’clock each morning, so at eight o’clock, when I arrived, I took full advantage of the free WiFi. The signal was strong, and the staff was friendly. When the restaurant finally opened, I tried a vegan breakfast burrito, and it was delicious. After I wrapped up my meal, my restaurant host kindly guided me to the coworking space.

Just behind the restaurant lies the coworking space which The Onion Collective has playfully name The Passion Lab. Painted signage, with, you guessed it, an onion guide the path. There was something quite magical about climbing the stone staircase up to the entrance and being in a coworking space surrounded by quiet jungle. I felt as if I was stepping into a coworking castle.

Coworking at The Passion Lab

Immediately upon entering The Passion Lab, I felt a rush of positive energy. The hostess of the space, Chix, greeted me and registered my coworking pass. She informed me about the two WiFi routers, one indoor and one outdoor, and of the perks of my pass – admission to the pool and a 10% discount at the restaurant. So far all was good, and it kept getting better.

The weather was excellent, so I decided to grind outdoors. I didn’t regret my decision in the least. The outside coworking area, known by The Onion Collective as The Backyard, is a balcony with four seats surrounded by lush jungle views. It was breathtaking, tranquil and surreal all at once to experience this.

The inside coworking area was just as excellent. In the corner of the room, orange embers glowed, and the scent of incense permeated the room. The rustic furniture was impeccably designed and thoughtfully arranged. My favorite furnishing was the sofa lounge area, which was comfortable, stylish and a great spot to enjoy a cup of Kopi Tobruk.

Community + Perks

Although I didn’t stay at The Onion Homestay, many of the coliving guests were raving about it. Imagine waking up in a luxury room, then going to the restaurant to eat locally-sourced organic food and then The Passion Lab to cowork. Then later in the day, you can take a dip in the pool or watch live on-site entertainment. This a typical day in the life of an Onion Tribe member! No wonder they are rated “Excellent” on Booking.com!


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There are many perks of joining The Onion Tribe. Guests at The Onion Homestay receive complimentary access to The Passion Lab. If you use The Passion Lab, you’ll get complimentary access to the pool and a 10% discount at the restaurant. Most importantly, you’ll be a member of a diverse group of digital nomads that is committed to self-improvement. By investing in personal development and growing their entrepreneurial community, The Onion Collective goes above and beyond the typical coworking space.

My Final Thoughts

I love unique and quirky concepts, so The Onion Collective fit the bill for me. It is far more than a coworking space – It is an environment designed to nurture location independent entrepreneurs. I highly recommend it if you are looking to mix it up in Ubud. Better yet, you’ll have a chance to expand your network. Even if coworking spaces aren’t your jam, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the organic food and the stable WiFi at the restaurant. Have you visited The Onion Collective, or do you want to now? Let us know in the comments!

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