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Flight Review: Qatar Airways QR 704 JFK – DOH

Planning for my big trip to Bali, I was excited to take the longest flight I’d ever been on before. It’s not easy to get from Orlando , FL to Bali, but I was surprised it would only take me three flights to get to my final destination! I booked via Travelgenio – the first leg being on JetBlue from MCO to JFK. From there I’d be connecting to Qatar Airways QR 704 from JFK to DOH and then QR 964 from DOH to DPS.

Qatar Airways is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar, a country neighboring Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of the newest members of the OneWorld Alliance, Qatar Airways consistently ranks as one of the top airlines in the world.


When I stepped off my first flight, I was a bit lost and confused at JFK (having been my first time there). After grabbing some food, I realized that I needed to leave Terminal 5 and head over to Terminal 8. I lost some time walking and having to re-clear the security checkpoint. Thankfully, I avoided losing more time by having an onward ticket from Nomad Proof.

Nomad Proof provides you a real Expedia itinerary to show that you have an onward flight from your final destination, at no cost. To travel to countries like Bali, that require proof of onward travel upon arrival, this is a lifesaver. As a nomad, I never know what I want to do next, and refundable tickets with short cancellation periods are a huge hassle I’d rather avoid.

To check-in to international flight number one, I had to present my passport and boarding pass at the counter. Sure enough, the attendant at the check-in counter also asked to see my onward flight information, since it was not on record. I showed him my printed email, and I kept calm while he asked me some questions. Before I knew it, I was cleared to go to the security checkpoint, and I was waiting for my next connecting flight. Crisis averted!

Boarding + Seating

I was fortunate enough to experience the A350-1000 which is now the only aircraft Qatar flies from JFK-DOH. The change just went into effect a few weeks before my trip, so compared to the older B777 I flew from DOH-DPW, I now realize how nice it is! I prefer to sit in the middle of the airplane and easily found seats that worked for me. The seats, in conjunction with the pillow, blanket and sleep mask, made all of the difference for my comfort inflight. There was a lot of legroom, and I never felt like I was suffocating. I was fortunate enough to have friendly seat neighbors who let me do my thing.

During the trip, I spent the majority of my time reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss or sleeping. When I wasn’t reading or sleeping, I played with the digital display on the back of the seat in front of me. There were multiple entertainment options available and a map of the flight trajectory. Although I couldn’t into A Star Is Born (please don’t judge me), I enjoyed watching that pixelated aircraft travel around the globe. Honestly, it felt like 21 hours just flew by!


From the moment I stepped onto each of my Qatar Airways flights, I was extremely impressed. Everything from the traditional Qatari instrumental music, to the way I was greeted, to the detail of presentation when I received the amenity kit, complete with a sleeping mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, and earplugs. In addition to these goodies (even though I was in coach!), I also received a headset, socks, a fresh blanket, and a cozy pillow.


The service on my Qatar Airways flights was phenomenal. Although I am generally not an advocate for airplane fare, the food and beverages exceeded my expectations. The menu provided several items, and a vegetarian option was available at each meal. As a herbivore like myself, travel food can be problematic, but the airplane food was both filling and satisfying.

I had a total of five meals over 21 hours, plus several snacks– My favorite snack with strawberry ice cream with a banana. Every time I needed water, wine or extra food, the flight attendants were happy to oblige in just the right amount of time. I was incredibly pleased with my experience and the level of above and beyond service that I received, no wonder they are considered one of the best!


Overall, I couldn’t believe how much I received for the price that I paid for my flight tickets. I received better food, comfort, and service than that of other airlines for a similar price point. With the high level of professionalism, customer service, and bang for your buck, you can’t wrong with Qatar Airways. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

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